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Suniva is America’s oldest and largest monocrystalline solar cell manufacturer in North America. Suniva was founded in 2007, out of one of the world’s foremost photovoltaic research institutes, The University Center for Excellence in Photovoltaics at Georgia Tech, and from research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. Suniva has established itself as an innovation leader, having originated and licensed over 150 patents around solar cell development over our 16-year life.

Suniva’s innovative, proprietary cell processing techniques and business model are used to achieve industry-leading efficiencies while maintaining among the lowest costs in the United States. Suniva looks beyond its products to work with solar module assemblers, EPC firms and solar plant developers to enable high-value solar projects benefiting from domestically-made, high-quality and high-efficiency solar cells.


Suniva is headquartered in Norcross, Georgia and is committed to developing technology and manufacturing in the United States.

Our U.S.-made monocrystalline cells are the backbone of any solar project compliant with Buy-America or Domestic Content Bonus Investment Tax Credits regulations. Solar modules containing Suniva cells have among the highest percentages of U.S. content in the industry.

Since 2007, Suniva has leveraged domestically developed intellectual property to introduce several generations of cell technology, each more efficient and lower in cost than the preceding one. Suniva’s cell manufacturing operations have consistently been able to produce cells at costs comparable to global producers.



Suniva’s mass produced monocrystalline solar cells attain efficiencies in excess of 23+% at highly competitive costs. Suniva’s innovative cell processing techniques also underpin a multi-year product roadmap to higher cell efficiencies and lower cost. Suniva differentiates from other high-quality, high-efficiency manufacturers through its domestic manufacturing, knowledge and experience in cell design and optimization of its cost-effective manufacturing processes.


Strong relationship with employees, customers, suppliers, governments and partners are founded on clearly-defined expectations and understanding of what drives each party. We make ourselves measurable by outlining clearly what drives us, which is why our values are embedded in the acronym DRIVE:


We are a learning organization. We strive to stretch our limits, while embracing opportunities to learn and adapt. An essential element of being part of Suniva is to grow.


We are a problem-solving organization. We enjoy challenges and improving what is around us. Unexpected events happen and we power through them, knowing that with uncertainty comes opportunity.


We do the right thing even when people are not watching. We choose what is right over what is easy.


We will be the most efficient producer of solar photovoltaic cells in the United States. Our products are critical to our customers and their customers’ success. We act with the urgency that the importance of this mission demands.


We are energetic self-starters and we anticipate outcomes. We are driven and focused in achieving our goals. We push through barriers and build on our successes.


We are reshaping the United States solar manufacturing industry. Apply now.

We are a group of mission-driven individuals and know that people are our most important resource. We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated people that embody our company’s values. Suniva’s unique history and current production ramp offers growth opportunities and rewarding challenges that are hard to find in our industry.

Employees join an organization for a meaningful experience. Our dynamic, high-performance, and no-nonsense attitude permeates a flexible, and collaborative culture that fosters individual growth.

Our benefits include competitive salaries; paid time-off; health, dental, vision and retirement plans.

Suniva is currently hiring for positions across our organization. Job postings are listed here.

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