Grand re-opening! 1 GW solar cell manufacturing plant in Norcross, GA coming Spring of 2024.

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Suniva is America’s oldest solar cell manufacturer, with the largest solar cell manufacturing facility in North America. Suniva was founded in 2008, out of one of the world’s foremost photovoltaic research institutes, The University Center for Excellence in Photovoltaics at Georgia Tech, from research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. Suniva has established itself as an innovation leader, having originated and licensed over 150 patents around solar cell development, over our 13-year life.

Suniva is committed to developing and manufacturing in the United States. Our U.S.-made monocrystalline cells are the backbone of any true Buy America-compliant solar solution. Solar modules containing Suniva cells have one of the highest percentages of U.S. content in the industry. We provide the quality, reliability and innovation that customers demand. Suniva’s success as a leader in solar cell technology is founded on the company’s commitment to reliability, high-quality and high power density.


Suniva’s ARTisun STAR monocrystalline solar cell series features our latest cost-effective technology to attain efficiencies of 23+%. Suniva’s innovative, proprietary cell processing techniques are used to achieve significantly higher cell efficiencies while maintaining low-cost. Suniva differentiates from other high-quality, high-efficiency manufacturers through its deep knowledge and experience in cell design and optimization of its cost-effective manufacturing processes.


A solar energy investment should include a system you can rely on. At Suniva, we continue to stay at the forefront of the market by manufacturing the highest quality PV products using proven-reliable manufacturing techniques, with a rigorous Quality Assurance process guiding us. We back all of our cells with a 25-year performance warranty. From our roots at the world renowned research labs at the Georgia Institute of Technology, our heritage of technical rigor has continued to evolve into one of the most experienced PV teams in the world to lead the research, design and manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Our Quality Assurance team works diligently every day to apply our decades worth of expertise by insuring some of the highest quality, highest powered solar cells on the market, complete with a 25 year linear power warranty. As an American leader in high-quality, low-cost PV manufacturing, Suniva has earned a reputation for creating sensible solar.

Remember: the higher efficiency of the cell, the more power you will get from your module, resulting in higher power density and lower balance of systems costs.


Suniva’s American-made technology evolved from nearly two decades of silicon PV experience, licensed from The U.S. Department of Energy-sponsored research at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s University Center of Excellence in Photovoltaics, one of the most advanced crystalline PV labs in the world. UCEP’s founding director, world-renowned PV scientist Dr. Ajeet Rohatgi, has more than 400 papers and 16 PV patents to his name. Building on that heritage, Suniva has established itself as an innovation leader, having originated and licensed over 150 patents around solar cell development.

Suniva has introduced four new generations of cell technology, each more efficient and lower in cost than the preceding one. The company’s patented cell designs, unique manufacturing processes, and continual innovations of our R&D division have led to world records in cell efficiency using rugged, sustainable, low-cost techniques.

Headquartered in metro-Atlanta, Georgia, Suniva’s success as the U.S. leader in solar cell technology is directly related to the company’s commitment to reliability, high-quality and high power density, making solar an even more sensible solution.


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